Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Yellow Hart"

It's been a while since I was here and things have changed quite a bit behind the scenes.  I hope I get this right. I have painted a few Swans since the two I posted here, but not yet found that 'special' one.
I adore daisies ... I love nothing more than to see a stretch of grass covered in these beautiful flowers.  As a child I recall sitting in the graveyard of Mains Castle on a sunny day trying to teach myself how to make daisy chains ... I was never much good at it.  I remember lying back on the grass and feeling the sun on my face, I've always felt at peace in a graveyard.  Coming from a large family I enjoyed my own company and have many happy memories of clambering over the ruined castle, and fishing in the ponds of what would have been beautiful gardens and grounds in their day.  A jam jar, a fishing net, 2 or 3 minnows and I was in heaven.  Anyway ... back to daisies.  I'm not a great one for backgrounds in my paintings but felt this one suited the flowers. Many thanks to my friend Franklin for the reference photo. The sun is shining in Edinburgh this morning, I hope it shines for you also! :)


  1. Really beautiful, Ingrid, a great tribute to this little flower!

  2. Hi Ingrid, these daisies are really wonderful with a perfect composition. Ciao!

  3. Hello,Ingrid!Beautiful fresh daisies... with lovely memories!

  4. Hello Ingrid:) The background coudn't be better. A very nice color and it doesn't take the attraction of your beautiful daisies. Good choice!

  5. Hi Ingrid, thanks for the visit, yes, better every day.
    Your daisies are so lovely, and white has always been my favorite color (no color) ???? BJ

  6. Sounds like a wonderful childhood Ingrid, I too love daisies...and as a child I made many daisy chains...and was GOOD :-))) Love this beautiful painting , it really springs out from the screen !

  7. Hi Tito ... it was the composition of the daisies that attracted me to the photo. Thank you for stopping by ... Ciao! :)

    Hello there Rita! Aren't memories great! I love how something as simple as a beautiful daisy can spark off memories I haven't thought of in years! Good to see you ... thank you :)

    Hi Renate ... I'm so pleased you said that, as this was my intention, to give a background which would enhance the daisies without taking over. Thanks for that. :)

    Great to see you get stronger BJ. I thought you would like daisies too, we have so many things in common. Take care and don't overdo things! Big hugs. :)

    I have been so fortunate in my life Jane, I have so many wonderful memories. One thing I have always loved is to go 'trailing'... as my Mum would say. I would wander off and forget the time. Climbing trees and jumping the burn were favourite activities ... which a few times resulted in broken arms. These days I like to head to the hills, a passion almost as great as painting! I'm so happy you like my daisies, many thanks! :)

    Thank you so much J! :)


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