Thursday, 8 March 2012

Another ... "Swan"

This is the second Swan from what I am hoping will be a series of three 16x12 swans in watercolour. Swans 1&2 seemed to paint themselves and were lots of fun ... Swan 3 is a bit more stubborn and I suspect is really the one with the 'attitude'. He is not so keen on playing ball ... ;-)
I hope you get as much pleasure from looking at this lovely beast as I did from painting him! Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. Hi Ingrid.
    I love these two Swan paintings, also your Hare painting. All three paintings are very well done.
    Hill walking you say? Well that takes me way back to when I did lots of that Ingrid. I loved it. All in wales. I loved walking the breckon beacons
    Best. All the best Ingrid.

  2. Ingrid, watching your swan is really pleasurable, as you hoped it to be:) I think that when you paint with good energy, emotions, in the end painting always reflects these things, and your painting is the example of this "rule" (if i may say so).
    Waiting for your new works!

  3. Your swan is awesome , love the movement! Painting three swans and hanging them together will look really cool!

  4. Any one of these swans would be impressive. All three together will be stunning.

  5. I couldn't resist commenting on this (again)
    Ingrid, this is so beautiful ..
    The subjects you pick are just made for your style..

  6. Your swan paintings are absolutely beautiful!!

  7. Your two swans are looking magnificent. You really captured their body language. Three will look fantastic together!
    Happy Painting.


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