Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Day 2 of 30"

I signed up for the 30 paintings in 30 days in the hope it would inspire me to pick up my brushes. I've been playing with my paints of late and need to get my teeth into something and I really enjoyed doing this challenge before.  

I was going to chicken out but received a lovely message from a lady called Gill and she has inspired me to 'go for it' ... thank you Gill! I've missed my first day but will make up for that, here is my Day two, something I am known for  ... a 5 minute doodle!


  1. Ingrid .... so glad to see your doing the challenge...I am too. I thought you had done it before, and looked for you when it started,.. This is my first time... hope I can keep up .
    Daisies are always a good start for anything. ! BJ

  2. Lovely to see your paintings again. Very pleased you're taking the challenge. I look forward to following your 30.

  3. What a great 5 min doodle. Good luck with the challenge.

  4. Great to share this challenge with you BJ ... thank you! :) If you have any spare time it's an idea to get one or two spare paintings done, it keep the pressure off and the blood pressure down. ;)

    Many thanks Vandy, good to see you.:) I've bought a postcard sized pad so hope to get some of these of to you in the post.

    Many thanks for your support, and your kind comment Polly ... always good to see you! :)


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