Monday, 30 September 2013

"Day 30 of 30"

Today is the last day of my "30 paintings in 30 days" challenge. I want to thank most sincerely all of you have stopped by and supported me through this challenge. Some days the pressure was so great I felt I would have to give up but thanks to all of you and my very good friend, John, I'm now at the end ... or is it just the beginning?? This challenge has made me see a lot of things differently, (like can I afford a cleaning lady) and for as much as the pressure got to me sometimes, I loved every minute I spent with my brush in my hand. It was a joy when a painting turned out just as I planned but I have another 36 paintings to testify that this wasn't always the case! ;-) Thank you again to fellow challengers and bloggers for all your support and encouragement!
My 30 paintings are to be sent to the Vandy Massey's "Running with Brushes" they will be sold for £15 +P&P and the funds raised will go to help "Care for Casualties" who also have a Facebook page Facebook ~ "Care for Casualties"

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  1. Brilliant dedication Ingrid, fantastic donation to Running with Brushes and you have achieved just what you were after


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