Monday, 2 September 2013

"Day 3 of 30"

Day 3 and I am keeping up, having fun and already learning that to do this I have to organise not only my painting but my whole life. Sounds drastic I know but loving painting as much as I do it is great to have an excuse to sit here doodling for hours. Today is to be a day catching up with other chores so I can sit here with my music, my brushes and feel contented. 

All these paintings are to be donated to the "Running with Brushes" project. they are all 6x4 on Saunders Waterford paper and if I am right (correct me if I am not Vandy), they are for sale through "Running with Brushes" for £15 each + P&P. You are not only buying a painting, you are helping the "Care for Casualties"!

Ref pic kindly shared by Lillian Bell of PMP..


  1. I think it's wonderful that you're donating these to the running with brushes - I'll be keeping a close eye on what you're painting and may just bag myself an Ingrid original while helping the charity at the same time!! :-)

    1. My dear Sharon, when you sat at my desk all you had to do was turn around and take your pick from the box of paintings there. You could have had the lot!! :)) Thank you for your support, you are a good friend! xx

  2. Nice little painting, Ingrid. Love that reflection!

  3. Hi Joanie ... good to meet you and welcome to my blog. Thank you for your lovely comments ...they are very much appreciated! I wasn't too sure about that reflection, glad you like it! ;)

  4. This is a sweet painting Ingrid, I particularly like the lemon and the reflections.


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