Monday, 16 September 2013

"Day 16 of 30"

A quick and easy sketch ... or so I thought! Why are the 'quick and easy' paintings never 'quick' and ain't as 'easy' as they look! :)


  1. It might have been quick and easy for you... but it's a really creative beautiful composition! The lines and shadings and the air of mystery... great job!

  2. I agree. Sometimes I think a painting will be a breeze and 3 hours later, I'm still working on it. Love your watercolors. Enjoy 30 in 30.

  3. I just stopped in and these are all very fun! Lovely little paintings!

  4. LOL ! I know the feeling Ingrid, and I did an 'easy simple " painting of my black cat, same position...
    Yours looks great.. No, I won't show you mine. lol ! BJ


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