Friday, 13 September 2013

"Day 13 of 30"

With thanks to Clare of PMP for ref photo.
Almost half way through this challenge and very much enjoying it. Learning more each day, probably more about me than painting I think but aware I am being dragged out of my comfort zone ... which I'm liking! Thanks again to all who have supported me through this challenge!


  1. This painting is really striking. The composition is bold and effective, as are the colors you chose. Well done!

  2. Ingrid you are doing just great, love the red on those apples... saw that on PMP. Looks delicious. Funny, I painted an apple slice yesterday too.
    Didn't see the day before, but another very good painting.. BJ

  3. It's a very nice card ! I saw it on "running with brushes". Bravo !Sabzuyd

  4. It is a very beautifull card ! I saw it on "Running with brushes" Bravo. Sabine.


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