Wednesday, 11 September 2013

"Day 10 of 30"

"Pelican" ... with thanks to Gary Jones for the ref photo.
Pelican?? I did mean "Puffin". :)


  1. Looks like a puffin to me! I just painted one tonight too - great minds think alike, he's a little cutie, love it xx

  2. Ingrid ... what you need is another trip to Florida to know what a Pelican looks like...
    but love your Puffin..... LOL ! BJ

  3. Sorry girls, my brain is shot I am so weary ... thank you! I would change it but your posts will look silly, so I will leave it. I'll check out your Puffin in the morning, Sharon xx and BJ, I will be back to Florida, that's for sure! :) Nite nite girls!

  4. Lovely puffin Ingrid, the straight on approach is very cute!


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