Sunday, 1 September 2013

"30 paintings in 30 days"

"30 days hath September" and in that 30 days I hope to do a painting each day. The best of the paintings I will donate to help raise funds for "Care for Casualties" through Vandy Massey's "Running with Brushes" page on Facebook.
I will post my paintings here ... hopefully on a daily basis. 

Sorry I haven't been around for many months but my blog has been inundated with spammers, almost daily and I had to take a step back. I don't want to initiate the 'verification' code again but we'll see how things go ... good to be back! :) 

A recent painting ... 


  1. i've just joined the 30 day challenge too, look forward to sharing the journey with you xx

  2. So good to have you with me on this journey, Sharon ... lets go for it! xx

  3. Me too and this one looks lovely!! I get spammers too though fingers crossed since I took the verification off last time haven't had too much of a problem....

  4. Lovely poppies. And thank you for the mention for Running With Brushes, Ingrid. I look forward to following your paintings through the challenge. :-)


I'm afraid I have had to introduce word verification as I had 96 spammer posts when I returned from holiday. I hope after a short while I can try again with no word verification, I do hope you understand ... thank you Ingrid.