Monday, 16 January 2012


I also love to paint flowers ....


  1. oh , Ingrid I'm here!! glad to see you have a new blog . I will add it to my list. so I can check up on you and all your beautiful art work.
    I don't know how many times I can say I love your paintings but I'll say it again !!
    and yes, you are on a fantastic painting journey of our best friends. BJ

  2. Hello my friend, so good to see you here and out of hospital. Please take it easy BJ and give your body time to heal ... though you will heal much quicker in Florida than the freezing fog of Scotland. :))
    Big hugs coming your way, will be in touch!

  3. beautiful painting, love those colors.

  4. Many thanks sidmar for your lovely comment. Good to see you here ... :)

  5. Just found your lovely blog. This piece caught my eye for its exuberant colour and freshness, yummy!! :)

  6. Hi there Sketchbook Squirrel, great to see you and thank you for your yummy comment!! :)


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